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Easy Plant-Based Recipes

Greens with a Kick!

Greens with a Kick!

Collard Green sushi Rolls

with spicy tofu & miso ginger salad

Serves 2. 30 minutes prep & cook


Easy Prep and Pack twice weekly!

Easy Prep and Pack twice weekly!


3-cup glass containers (I make 6 at a time, twice weekly; feeds 2 people for 3 days)

Each container:

-1/4 organic protein (beans, tofu, tempeh, pastured/free-range/grass-finished; about 4 oz)

-3/4 vegetables (cruciferous, leafy greens, rainbow colors)

-1 Tablespoon nuts or seeds; or 1/6 avocado

-1 lemon slice

-Sauce/dressing in small 1 oz container

So much nutty-flavored Yum!

So much nutty-flavored Yum!

Coconut peanut soup

with sweet potato and red quinoa

Serves 2. 40 min prep & cook

Plant protein-rich, phytonutrient-dense; creamy, warm and satisfying. In addition to the coconut milk, I added a bit of avocado garnish for heart-healthy fat and flavor. Make extra to freeze or pack for lunch.