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A.k.a Telemedicine. Consider this your high-tech, yet personalized, virtual wellness clinic. Receive remote medical or wellness consults via audio-video on computer, tablet, or smart phone. Limited to provider’s state and scope of medical licensure. Provider can assess, diagnose, and treat medical conditions similar to an in-person visit. Telehealth does not replace emergency services or all in-person healthcare visits.

-System Requirements for client and provider: Audio-Video device, ChARM Client Portal Access for Vital Mind Body, PLLC/Dr. Gina Marie Johnson

-Optimal remote monitoring health equipment: Electronic Body Composition Scale, Electronic Blood Pressure Cuff, Temporal Artery Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter, and Fabric Tape Measure for waist-hip circumference. Electronic versions which upload to your smartphone or tablet are ideal for home health monitoring. Dr. Gina Marie recommends Qardio devices. FSA eligible, check with your health insurance plan. Purchase Qardio devices here.

-Washington State residence for medical diagnosis and treatment

-Health information/education to support normal function available to national/international wellness and bio/neurofeedback clients

Telemedicine uses

-Initial and follow up medical or wellness consults

-Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of non-emergent conditions

-Review of current or previous recommendations

-Lab and imaging review

-Medication or supplement expert education

-Nutrition support, weight management, and therapeutic fasting

How Do I Sign up and Schedule?

-Establish care: schedule initial 90-min new client appointment and complete new client online intake forms

-Sign up for ChARM electronic health record (EHR) via email invite

-Telehealth visits can be scheduled after ChARM Client Portal access

-Electronic device must have BOTH audio and visual capabilities

-At your designated appointment time, log in to ChARM Client Portal. You will then receive a visit invitation from your provider/consultant. Agree to the conditions of the telehealth visit to connect and begin the telehealth visit.

$599/90-minute New Client extended telehealth or in-person visit + included 30-minute telehealth follow-up. Comprehensive functional health analysis, lab orders, multi-point precision lifestyle plan with recommendations/prescriptions as indicated. 3-4 new concerns/diagnoses.

$399/60-minute regular telehealth or in-person visit; established client (follow-up, lab review, recommendations/prescriptions as indicated. 3-4 new concerns/diagnoses.

$299/30-minute brief telehealth or in-person visit; established client; (current treatment plan support/lab review). No new concerns/diagnoses.

$699/60-minute on-site concierge medical or corporate wellness. Includes travel and set-up.

Inquire about group rates/events and luxury hotel-based overnight post cosmetic surgical RN/ND care. Limited to Bellevue-Seattle Eastside.

New! Unlimited Telehealth Concierge Membership