Luxe Hotel Recovery

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Optimal Recovery and Renewal

Optimal Recovery and Renewal

Personal and professional care

When recovering at home with family or friends is not possible or desirable. Receive discreet, professional, post-operative care from a licensed registered nurse/naturopathic physician. Dr. Gina Johnson offers exclusive, skilled healing support to implement and optimize your surgery center’s recovery plan of care. With expertise in surgical nursing and functional medicine, Dr. Gina delivers integrative excellence with compassionate recovery care.

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Focus on Recovery

You are free to rest and recover in comfort without the concerns of home or work responsibilities. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your care needs are covered.

Service Includes:

Medical chaperone and town car transport from surgical center to luxury hotel.

Personalized overnight recovery care (health/complication monitoring, comfort measures and pain management per orders, dressing/drain/catheter care, personal care, ensuring hydration and nutrition, integrative home care guidance, and caring expert support).

Medical chaperone and town car transport from hotel to next day post-operative visit.

30-minute Telehealth Follow-Up.

Rest Assured and Heal

Rest Assured and Heal

Lush Healing Environments

Lush Healing Environments

Ideal setting

Same day cosmetic surgery procedures appropriate for home release are enhanced by professional hotel recovery care. Hotels are chosen for proximity to surgical centers, suitability for restful healing, and luxe amenities.

Common Cosmetic Procedures: abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast surgery, brow/neck/face lift, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and laser resurfacing.

Dr. Gina Recommends:

W Hotel - Downtown Bellevue

Hyatt Regency - Downtown Bellevue

Woodmark Hotel - Carillon Point, Kirkland

Heathman Hotel - Downtown Kirkland

Finesse Town Car