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Finding Joy Every Day for Timeless Aging

Finding Joy Every Day for Timeless Aging

Gina Johnson, RN, MBA, ND candidate 2018


A birthday prompts reflection on what matters. Here are my top picks for vital living. 


Smile Widely

o   Reinforce positive neural connections

Breathe Easy

o   Slow, easy with longer exhale to bring calm

Sleep Deeply

o   Sweet dreams allow repair and renewal

Give Thanks

o   Recount 3 things each evening

Serve Others

o   Kindness matters

Hug Warmly

o   Build connection

Be Mindful

o   Simply notice with compassion

Nourish Well

o   Increase whole plant foods and pure water

Move More

o   Motion optimizes function and mood

Find Meaning

o   Live true to your values

Brain Food

o   Seek new learning and experiences

Soul Support

o   Relax, play and love